[Album] Reddy – Telescope (MP3)

[Album] Reddy – Telescope (MP3)
Title [Album] Reddy – Telescope (MP3)
Release 2018.04.12
Genre Rap / Hip-hop
Language Korean
Bit Rate MP3-320kbps
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Track List:

1. 레디 (Reddy) - Come Over [Download]
2. 레디 (Reddy) - Turkey (Feat. Year of the OX) [Download]
3. 레디 (Reddy) - Flu [Download]
4. 레디 (Reddy) - 적셔 (Thanksgiving) (Feat. Paloalto & Huckleberry P) [Download]
5. 레디 (Reddy) - Tracksuit (Feat. Sway D) [Download]
6. 레디 (Reddy) - UGP Interlude (Feat. G) [Download]
7. 레디 (Reddy) - Check-In (Feat. 서사무엘) [Download]
8. 레디 (Reddy) - Peach (Feat. 수란) [Download]
9. 레디 (Reddy) - Life (Feat. Horim) [Download]
10. 레디 (Reddy) - 변했어 [Download]
11. 레디 (Reddy) - Flamingo (Feat. 개코) [Download]

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